About Tag Websites

Tag Websites was established in 2012. "Tag" comes from the term HTML Tag which websites are made from. They look like this: <html> and are used throughout your website. "Websites" is self explanatory.

We came from humble beginings. I registered the business name and decided to build it while I studied for my diploma. I studied all day and then built websites for most of the night. Weekends were non existant. When I reached the end of my training, which is always ongoing, I had a small handfull of clients that are still with me today. Their support will never be forgotten.

I set Tag Websites up because I love coding and all things online and a I saw a gap in the market to offer a service that is not all about money and that provides business owners access to someone right here in Australia without a lot of fuss. I wanted to keep things affordable and do what I could to help grow businesses and provide out of the box solutions, which is where my passion is. I love a challange.

This year, 2020, we have 20/20 vision. We incorporated the business and are going to take things more seriously. Our customer focus will be stronger and we will invest in some tools to better serve our existing clients/freinds. We have a small team but a strong team and together we will create something special. Technology is forever changing and we are changing with it to create tools that small business owners have never seen before but i might just save that story for a blog.

Please bear with me while I re-build our website. Some of the features are dependant on portals and databases and are not yet available. You may find a link or button that generates a message but please know that this is temporary and will be worth the wait.

If you need free advice or need if your website needs a little tweak please reach out. Have a great day.

On behalf of myself and my team here at Tag Websites, thank you for visiting our pages.

Edward Hinds - Founder / CEO